Monday, June 13, 2011


When Crash Kid was young, we had one of those then newfangled tympanic thermometers. It was quick, though not entirely accurate and the Christmas where Crash had an open fracture of his hand -- repaired Christmas Eve -- and the Boy the flu, I have to say it was a godsend. (Though when Crash, too, starting spiking a fever, we had to check his hand ever more carefully, to be sure it wasn't infected. It was a very quiet Christmas at our house that year....).

Crash looked a bit rough around this edges tonight. In an attempt to take his emotional temperature I asked him how it was going. "Meh." "Anything bugging you?" "I don't know." At this point I told him that I wished for the days when I could stick the thermometer in his ear (what would my grandmother have thought of that sentence, I wonder?) and see if anything was really brewing. Couldn't they make an adolescent version? Instead of a temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, the display might read "Wish school was over" or "Bored" or "Lovesick".


  1. The silent prayers in the presence of our beloved children. Oh I know those too!

    I think it was during my children's early teen years that I really began to see Mary in a whole new light.

    And a very insightful priest suggested I remember that Mary pondered these things in her heart ... (and I guess every once in a while she might also have bugged Jesus about what was bothering him!) ....

    So, I too, ponder many of their sufferings in my heart. And am grateful that I can provide a home, a hearth and a heart for them.

    Hugs - and good luck in the teen years. They do pass. :)

  2. One of those thermometers would help in my 7th grade classroom --- Bored, Mad at my Best Friend, Had a fight with Mom,Broke up with My Boyfriend, etc.

  3. As the parent of 2 teens, I'd like one of those thermometers myself!

  4. Cindy, When I made the Exercises, and contemplated a teen-aged Jesus staying behind in Jerusalem, I had a whole new view on that scripture, having my own pair of teens at home to compare with!

    Deb and Barb -- I think if we could figure out the technical difficulties, it would be a top seller!