Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On the Ignatian Adventure: Joy is the surest sign

At some level, the Spiritual Exercises never end, they simply flow out into everyday life - what some people call the Fifth Week.  Still, I am missing the discipline of this particular way of being intimate with God....

I love this bit of water, caught at just this moment of joy.  Blink and you might have missed it.  This last movement of the Exercises lets me be more attuned to what Easter joy looks like when it suddenly even the most unexpected places.

You can read my last reflection for the Ignatian Prayer Adventure on joy and God's joy in our presence at DotMagis.


  1. Michelle, I agree that I miss the discipline. I made the 19th Annotation last year and when I was finished, it was a great shock to adjust to not having that disciplined routine. It forces me to be creative in determining how to fill the void.

  2. You sound like my former spiritual director!