Sunday, December 08, 2013

A Time of Waiting

Advent is for waiting.  The Boy, never a waiting kind of guy, is nevertheless getting a full measure of the season.  MIT has announced that early action decisions will be up at 12:14 on 12/14. That's next Saturday in case you don't have a calendar handy.

What once had seemed so far off, a distant, fuzzy sort of thought, has suddenly become a very real pit in his stomach.  Waiting, he has discovered, is not a linear (nor a rational) thing.

He's managing his anxiety in various ways, including crocheting (and house chores - woot!).  We poked around Ravelry on Friday night and found a pattern for a crocheted bow tie (since The Boy can now tie a bow tie, as well as a regular tie three different ways), along with a ball of neon lime green wool from his stash.  I kept him company and learned a new knitting stitch.

NEWS FLASH:  The tie is done, The Boy just bounced into my office to show it off, now he's off to block it.  If you want a crocheted bow tie in a neon color, now might be a good time to ask The Boy.


  1. Me, too. Just not stalking my knitting....

  2. Well, I'm waiting for the update on what the Colleges said. Will he be in Cambridge next year?

    1. He is still waiting, and will be until nearly Easter!