Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Writing en plein air

My sister-in-law painting en plein air
I've been working outside today, doing the hard work of structuring a sustained piece of writing. I suspect I have made progress.  I may even be able half done.  And it's been delightful to work in this enclosed space.  There are risks as well as delight in writing "en plein air"

Chipmunks. Their delight in the cherries falling onto the patio is not dimmed by my presence or the cats.  I looked up at one point to find myself eye to eye with one.

Teenagers.  Not mine, the LAX playing young man behind me having a loud inappropriate phone conversation with his friend via speakerphone.  What happened to texting?

Bugs. There are tiny mites everywhere, including, I suspect, inside my computer.  St. Isidore, pray for me. 

More Bugs.  Asian tiger mosquitoes.  Active during the day.  

Yet more bugs.  In my thermos of iced tea.  Caffeine, now with added protein.  

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