Tuesday, June 27, 2017


On July 13th, the Earth Science Women’s Network is hosting Science-A-Thon, in which participating scientists are chronicling a day in their life on Twitter and Instagram (follow #dayofscience and #scienceathon).

Join me for the day.  I'll be posting a photo every hour on a day when I'll be working from the Vatican Observatory, from that early morning stop at the espresso bar to Mass in the chapel at the end of the day (or at least a photo of the chapel!). The observatory might seem focused on anything-but-earth science, but the meteorites that the earth sweeps up as she moves through the heavens are clues not only to the otherworldly, but to our own planet's history.

Participants are listed by country -- so far I'm the only one under "Vatican City"!

This is a first ever fund raiser for the Earth Science Women’s Network, so if you are inclined to support them, you can donate here.

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