Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm a believer...

The Monkees? No - Barnacle Boy. Since before Christmas he's been longing (and saving) for a new, hard to come by video game system (that I will forbear from providing with any additional adverstising). The latest plan was to give it to Crash to celebrate his attaining teenhood. So Barnacle Boy has been working the phones to find someplace that is getting a shipment, and trying to convince me that I should go there early to get in line. ("Other parents would do that for their kids, mom."). On Saturday he found a spot that would have the object of his desire on sale at 11 am the next morning. I agreed to go to early Mass (no singing, this is indeed a sacrifice!), then pick him up from his sleepover and go. Alas, I had forgotten that I was on the schedule to cantor at the 11:15 Mass, so the plan was put on hold. I sang....and we scooted out the back almost before the last noted had died. But not so fast that I didn't stop to bow in front of the tabernacle. "What do you pray for, Mom?" "The needs of those I love and the world, my hearts desires." "Oh!"

The store had sold out in the first 15 minutes, and the Boy's eyes brimmed with tears. We went home and I went up to shed pumps and pearls. "Moooommmm!!! I found one..." Pumps, pearls and all we headed out. Success. Prayers, as it turned out, had been answered. "God answered my prayer, Mom!" He's so certain (and thankful) for the graces received, that he names the new system TGIW. Thank God it's ...well, I'm still not going to advertise for them, so you'll just have to guess!

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