Monday, August 13, 2007

A Fine Cup of Tea

A riddle, what does a Best Western motel have that the Ritz Carlton does not?

The answer - a great cup of tea. Or at least a microwave in the room so that water may be brought to the boil for said cup of tea. It was rainy and damp in Mystic, CT yesterday and the tea was a welcome start to breakfast, even if it had to be in a styrofoam cup. Last spring, at a conference held at a Ritz, the room had note inviting you to have a fine cup of tea. Made with water below the boiling point, in a carafe covered with coffee oil. Not hardly!

No tea is my travel penance; so I'm glad in this month of being "on the road" to have had at least one wonderful cup.


  1. Anonymous11:14 PM

    There appear to be good tea travel products at these websites ... ?


  2. I enjoy a cup of tea -- but as I get older, I get more finicky at what I want to drink my beverage out of... and cup of choice is NOT styrofoam!

  3. I'm with you Cathy, styrofoam cups are not a cup of choice. I've been known to take my own mug along to chemistry meetings -- though since I'm making so many different stops on this trip, I bagged it on this one for space reasons (though I'll admit to bringing my favorite tea along and the brewing basket)....

    thanks for the site, Marie...I hadn't known about this one...

  4. wow. You went to a conference at a Ritz?

    Your conferences are in better places than mine! :)

  5. Mary Beth, the Ritz was quite the experience, I have to say. Our "box" lunches at the end came in Ritz Carleton cooler bags (my husband uses mine for his lunch bag)