Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sad Sailors, Sigh

Wil smama had a bad start to her day - mine was much ado about nothing (though we had plans, many plans!).

Today we finally got my boat onto the (now legally registered) trailer, the missing plug arrived by UPS yesterday (and it fit), drove an hour to the lake and....(drum roll...) discovered that my adored and adoring husband had not only dismantled a difficult to assemble set of lines (the kicking strap AKA boom vang) BUT lost the critical piece that attaches said assembly to the boom (and which secures the boom to the mast) on while helping me put it back after a dry run the previous night. No kicking strap, no sailing.

Thinking he must have left in the garage - I drove home with Crash to see if I could retrieve it and save the day. No go. Where, oh where, did he put it down? Crash and I drove back (it's now 3 pm, we left at 11 ish). Take the boat out of the water (did I mention that we'd put it in the water...we were that close??).

Four very sad sailors. Next possible sail date is September 6. I am praying for good weather already!!

The boys and I are blaming it all on Math Man's Myers-Briggs. Crash and I are INTJ, Barnacle Boy is ENTJ. Math Man can't remember what he is (so we're sure he's not a J!). I'm threatening to get us all t-shirts with our codes on them...and to restrict rigging and take-down to J's only.


  1. Oh, MAN!

    As a frustrated sailor, I have been watching the adventures of the rebirth of your little boat with delight.

    I'll be sailing with you in spirit when you do make it. Although I'm INFP so I'll leave the rigging to you all...

  2. We all went for ice cream last night, to drown our sorrows! That plan, at least, went off without a hitch. They even had my favorite flavor -- mango.

    We'll have to find a way to take you for a sail at the big RGBP meet-up ;-)

  3. Ice cream is a very fine way to end the day. Perhaps next time the ice cream will be in celebration of a great day of sailing.
    I do feel for Math Man, though, as I share his ability to put important things down and promptly forget them. Arrgh!