Monday, September 24, 2007

Mysteries of the Moleskine Revealed

reverendmother covets these journals. I admit to having two: one for keeping track of daily life, the other for keeping track of my interior life. They are tough as nails, and have survived dunkings in tea, many meetings and being stuffed into all manner of bags. But where to keep your pen, wonders the good reverend!

In the spine, just like a spiral notebook...


  1. It doesn't mess with the spine?

    *runs off to give it a try*

    HEY! You're right!!! Thanks!

  2. I feel evangelical about my Moleskines!?!

  3. I even took a small and a medium sized moleskin to Zambia last year! Recently, I found a site somewhere on the web that had instructions on how to cut a small one in half. That I've one, for a small one to carry around in my pocket!

  4. mmmm...dunked in tea!