Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall Breaks

It's dark in the novitiate library. The only light is the reading lamp by my chair. It's fall break at the college and I'm stretching a visit with my spiritual director into 24-hours and a bit "off duty". I took a 5 mile walk this afternoon, through the hedgerow and down the country roads. While the flora were nothing to write home about, the fauna put on a magnificent show. I watched a woodpecker explore a tree, taste testing the branches; two cardinals flew within a meter of my face, vivid flashes of scarlet among the still green leaves; a squirrel stood stolidly upon a bird house nailed to a tree, defending his stash of nuts.

Next stop, the candle lit small chapel and some time to think about next year's sabbatical. What would you do with 8 months of free time? Or with 15?


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    8 months of free time would be great...I'd probably spend it writing.

  2. here I was ready to be covetous of your get away to Wernersville ... then you mention Sabatical. good for you. I would do what I love to do when not at work... stained glass, garden, pray, read, maybe take advantage of the time and take more than one graduate class a semester. are you looking at doing something big or as a practice run at retirement? M is selling her mosaics of stained glass at Tyler State Park this weekend--- Buck"s Guild group booth