Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Grateful Dead

Not the band, alas, though there is some Cherry Garcia in the freezer. And I should point out that the Grateful and the Dead in this title are two different groups. I would be Grateful. The mouse would be Dead. And this would be why I'm grateful, though a bit saddened.

I'm off to a 4-day conference at the end of the week. Though it's on contemplative practices, the schedule is tight and time for class prep non-existent. I'm busy trying to get everything done I need to get done to prepare for next week, done now. So as I head through the kitchen to the basement with an armload of laundry, I hear Fluffy at the door. I shift the clothes, open the door, hit the screen door with my hip and in she comes. As I close the door I notice that...

we are not alone....

Oh dear. I really, really should know better by now. I dashed down to the basement to dump the laundry, grabbing the broom on my way back up. Hoping beyond hope that the furry thing the Fluffster had dropped on the floor by her food dish was (a) still there and (b) deceased. And so it came to be that I was Grateful and the mouse Dead.

Math man thinks that there is a market for a mouse disposal kit. Gloves, plastic bag, tongs (don't ask about the time he thought about picking up a live mouse with my kitchen tongs) and what else?


  1. Build a better mouse disposal kit and the world will beat a path to the infomercial.

  2. Your VLF doesn't want you to starve, that's all. Why you do you persist in turning up your nose at these bountiful offerings? =^..^=

    My own math genius used the dustpan and broom last week. Did she clean them afterwards? No. Thpth.

  3. do I look underfed??? I just need to train her to bring me chocolate!! I used the dustpan and brush, too; and I didn't wash them either. Must be that math gene ;-)

  4. Sue, who stood here watching while I read your comment, is currently blowing me raspberries and saying, "So there!," while we both laugh our butts off.

    I agree about the chocolate. However, I wouldn't know if, to feline eyes, you look underfed or not. :)