Saturday, October 20, 2007

Surprise, I'm Catholic

Eucharistic theology
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You scored as Catholic

You are a Catholic. You believe that the bread and wine are transformed by the priest and become the Body and Blood of Christ. Though the accidents, or appearance, of bread and wine remain, the substance has been changed. The Eucharist remains the Body and Blood of Christ after the celebration, and is reserved in the Tabernacle; Eucharistic devotions are proper. As the whole Christ is present under either species, you partake fully of the Eucharist even if you receive only one.













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  1. Hi Michelle! I took this quiz twice because it wouldn't post to my blog (still won't). First time was 100% Orthodox and 94% Catholic, second time reversed those percentages. Probably more accurate--hard to tell as the questions are all a little off. E.g. I am all about reserving and adoring the Blessed Sacrament but that's secondary to receiving it at liturgy, so I gave less strong "agrees" on things like that the first time. And there are never any Anglican options on these things, so they all tend to test as Orthodox too.

    Please pray for me these next few weeks as I have a deadline per and a conference interview for my dream teaching job at the end. Tomorrow's deadline is two encyclopedia articles--one was done Sunday and the other mostly done but it's proving hard to get back and finish the revisions. Probably because it isn't going to be that brilliant and I don't have time and energy to make it so and just need to get it done and sent off and let them ask for improvements if need be.