Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

My dad can recite that entire section of Macbeth from memory. Good synthetic organic chemists are sometimes called "pot boilers," so this is an apt quote for him. When I was young, we would beg him to do it as he cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. Last night when I came home to find Crash stirring up a cauldron of blood (see cheap and easy blood recipe), I was tempted to see if I could bring up those lines again!

The recipe called for coffee. Crash used coffee grounds, which had an interesting effect, but probably not quite what the recipe writer intended. No one in this house drinks coffee, and I'm not sure that Crash knows how you go from a can of grounds to what is in the cup. Even though I don't drink coffee either (and never have), I had this skill down by his age. As the morning lark daughter of a night owl mother, at an early age I learned that making my mother's coffee early in the morning was a great kindness.

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