Thursday, November 22, 2007

What earth has given and human hands have made

One loaf of Brothers' Bread (much beloved by the tween/teen set in this household), kneaded and shaped by She of The Book. By now it's been eaten (though one loaf remains for sandwiches tomorrow). Barnacle Boy's biscuits (yeast rolls actually) went straight from the oven to the table without a stop on the cooling racks, never to return.

She of the Book made the fruit fillings (apple and berries), The Boy helped roll and shape the crusts. Yes, that is a bird's head poking out...

These haven't been touched, we went to a friend's house for wonderful desserts (homemade bittersweet chocolate pudding!), but I imagine they won't last through the day tomorrow

And Crash Kid did the table design, including arranging the flowers...


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  2. Why is there a bird's head poking out? (Is this some obscure baking thing which Ms. Math Genius, the pie expert in our household, would explain to me if she were home as I read this?) - Stasa