Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Crash-ing Temps

It's -13oF here and it's not even the coldest part of the night yet. After a frigid afternoon of skiing (even Barnacle Boy was cold enough to put on long underwear), Crash thought a dip in the outdoor hot tub was in order. Since he couldn't go alone, I reluctantly volunteered to put on my jacket and oversee his soak. "You'd be warmer in the water," he offered. He was right, better in the water and warm than shivering in a jacket. But it was so cold that when I ran my wet hands through my hair, it froze in about a minute. Crash admired the clarity of the sky and the stars, I alas, had left glasses inside, so could see only a blur. When my eyelashes froze together I declared an end to the time in the tub.

But I'd do it again...


  1. oh my goodness.. and when you got OUT Of the hottub..... the thought of that part...

    didn't you freeze then?

    We were only up to 40 here today. VERY cold for us... very cold.. we are not prepared for this type of cold here.

  2. Cathy,

    The hardest part was not to run through the snow, lest we slip and fall! The thought of 40 sounds so toasty, I can't tell you!!

  3. That's too cool!

    (Um. Er. Yes.)