Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Five: It's my party

RevGals' Mother Laura is having a birthday soon. Cathy already had one this year. Mine is going to be a big one. So, Math Man, take note....

1. When is your birthday? Does anyone else (famous and/or in your own life) share it?

My birthday is April 12. My brother, Geek Guru, was born two years and two days later, so we don't quite share, but there's was definite "birthday" feel to mid-April when I was growing up. This year is a "decade" year in my family. Someone will turn 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 90. I would be the median age in the list!

2. Do you prefer a big party or an intimate celebration for the chosen few?

A nice dinner with a few friends.

3. Describe your most memorable birthday(s)--good, bad, or both.

My 2nd birthday is my first vivid memory that I can date. I can see all the people walking up the steps of the house we lived in in Naperville, some carrying gifts. My birthday had been a few days before, and I thought I was getting another party. Actually, what I was getting was a new baby brother. I'm sure I'd been told that, but since in those days kids didn't even see their sibs through nursery windows, I suspect I didn't have a great grasp on the concept. I was seriously dissappointed. Probably grounds for years of therapy!

A gorilla bearing champagne appeared in my office on my 30th birthday. I wouldn't come out into the hall, where colleagues and students were gathered, so the gorilla picked me up and carried me out. I was blushing!

My 40th birthday was also Easter Sunday - a first in my lifetime. (Three times when I was a kid, my birthday fell on Good Friday - a day of fast. If you do the math in 1., you realize that my brother's birthday in those years fell on Easter - jealous, me?? Nah!) I was totally distracted from the turning 40 bit by a horrific case of pink-eye I had (courtesy of my students, it was epidemic on local campuses that spring).

4. What is your favorite cake and ice cream? (Bonus points if you share the cake recipe). Or would you rather have a different treat altogether?

Oh...Rainbow Cake. Make an angel food cake (or use a mix!). Take 1/2 the batter, divide into several small bowls and using food coloring, tint the batter various shades. Spoon the untinted batter and the tinted batter into a tube pan, making random patterns. When cut, the cake will have a festive splatter of shades. Here's a link to a more elaborate version (I like the little packages on top, though!).

5. Surprise parties: love 'em or hate 'em?

I've never had one - so I'll withhold judgement! But I definitely enjoy little surprises..the year I turned 38, I was expecting Barnacle Boy and had gestational diabetes - no cake for me. A friend appeared in my class, bearing a colorful plate of Jello-Jigglers -all sugar free, so I could celebrate!

Bonus: Describe your ideal birthday--the sky's the limit.

A beautiful spring day with a walk. Rainbow cake. A really rare steak.


  1. Love the gorilla story!!!- and I've never tried rainbow cake- sounds interesting.
    Have a great year with all those decade birthdays.

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    it's all about the steak and cake for me too!

  3. Happy decade! The rainbow cake sounds wonderfully festive.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I'm an April 5 birthday, so I've had my share of Good Friday & Easter bdays. A little odd, no?

    The cake sounds divoon!

  5. Three Good Fridays--oh, too cruel. Thanks for the rainbow cake recipe; I think Katie might be interested, though as she shares my devotion to chocolate I might have to add that to the untinted batter...

  6. That rainbow cake sounds so easy and fun to eat! Thanks for the idea.

  7. It really is a year of decade birthdays - wow! Love the cake idea, my son likes angel food and he turns 16 this year...wonder if it would be too dorky for him (probably since it would be mom making it)...sigh...

    hey, I turned 50 last year. And lived to tell the, almost 51, it's not so bad...

  8. Eh, 50's not so bad. (That was a few years ago.) But have a happy early one!

  9. Turning 50 can be the beginning of the best part of your life ... it was for me beginning with the surprise 50th b'day party, followed by 6 years in seminary and ordination!

  10. Anonymous9:44 PM

    The gorilla story sounds like it was fun!

  11. Wow, I am SO SORRY I missed the gorilla!!!

    I was born on Easter Saturday, which I always thought was way interesting. (It was less than an hour shy of being Easter Sunday, now that I think of it...)

    I've had women in my life who provided great models for turning 30 and 50. I'm getting ready to turn 40, though, and don't have any examples of women turning 40 that stand out in my head. So perhaps I'll have to invent it. :)

    Here's hoping for a blessed birthday!

    - Stasa