Monday, January 07, 2008

Math Man's Missing Muffin

[Scene 1: a middle-aged couple at the breakfast table]

"Did I eat the other half of my English muffin?" comes the puzzled inquiry across the table.

"You must have, it's not on your plate," I replied muzzily over my cup of tea.

[Scene 2: the next day]

"Mom, what did I just step on?" wonders Crash. I peek under the table. Crash's foot is firmly planted on top of half an English muffin smothered in Welch's Grape Jelly. No dear, you didn't eat that muffin after all.

And can anyone tell me why I'm supposed to know what's happening to other people's muffins and feet?


  1. simple.... if you don't know, who will?

  2. You're in charge of everything!

    Did you sign up for that? No? Sorry.

  3. Cause you're a brilliant professor of science? Or maybe just cause you're the mom :-).

    I read a great thing recently on I forget who's blog that when a man says "where's the butter" he often means "buy the butter, and spread it on my toast..." Not that Matt does that (or MathMan I'm sure).

  4. Mothers are supposed to be omniscient.

  5. Yes, indeed, mothers and spouses are supposed to know things.

    Happily, in our house, there's a good division of labor: I'm responsible somehow for knowing the whereabouts of Ms. Math's glasses whenever they're not on her face, but she's responsible for knowing the location of things like Marge, our cow-shaped butter dish. :)

  6. Cathy, but I always wanted to be omnipotent!

  7. Wait -- you don't automatically get both with motherhood? Drat...! - Stasa