Thursday, February 07, 2008

All who hunger

Yesterday was a day of fast for many - including me. Shopping a couple of weeks ago I realized that it had been years since my budget really controlled what I ate. In graduate school, I worried whether the budget would stretch that week for meat sauce with the pasta and lasagna, with all that cheese, was a luxury meal, not the freezer stand-by it is today. Steak? Something I hoped my mother might have if I appeared for Sunday dinner...

My sense of wonder at the abundance in my pantry has faded over the years, and these days my weekly grocery concerns swirl around how to limit the calories and sodium in my cart while simultaneously increasing the fiber and calcium (it's an age thing, I know). Do I remember what it is like to hunger for something? to savor the tastes when they came? to desire something so much I would surrender everything for it?

So I fast, to learn again what it means to hunger. To savor. To desire.

The photo is of the latest batch of oatmeal bread. Now on the regular baking rota - which has ramped up as I've given up meat for Lent and so bread and cheese are making more frequent appearances on my dinner plate.

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