Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carthusian Echoes

Being far too tired to write anything more tonight (1.5 hour drive, lecture, seminar, 2 hour meeting...), I'll let these speak for me....

My room at the Jesuit Center (a Jesuit Center mug on the sill - I left mine in the car and didn't want to trek through the sleet to fetch it).

The library was three doors down the hall, the peak of the vaulted ceiling has been replaced by a skylight, the sound of the rain and sleet on it yesterday afternoon was quite soothing. As the day progressed, the mist closed in, until I couldn't even see out my window. A mystical mist? It certainly contributed to my sense of enclosure.


  1. if I didn't have a trip planned in April, I would be longing to be there even more.

  2. Sorry!! But I'm glad you're going again soon....