Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Michelle and the very bad day

We had an ice storm last night - to the great delight of Barnacle Boy and Crash Kid. At 6 am I heard the thump of teen feet hitting the floor, the quiet padding into the sunroom and then...nothing. I got up, checked the local news website, and there it was - a 2 hour delayed opening. I crawled back into bed to enjoy the gift a few minutes extra sleep. An hour later, just as I was wondering if I should get up, Barnacle Boy appeared at the bedside. "There's a huge puddle in the sunroom!" I wasn't wondering anymore, I was up!

Math Man ended up climbing out our bathroom window to clear an ice dam on the roof, which ended the leak. Meanwhile I used up a half dozen bath towels blotting the area rug.

Barnacle Boy thought we needed fresh chocolate chip cookies - so at 8 am he started a batch. It definitely improved the day -- as did an email from a friend which included this list of how to tell if you were having a really bad day (Math Man bore a startling resemblance to the kitty in photo 13 after his roof sojourn!).


  1. I hope your day improved with the cookies.. I was trying to decide the best attire for shoveling in the rain. life here in SE PA where we hover at the freezing point.

  2. It's very hard to be grumpy with the aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. And there were enough left over to share with my intro chem students....

    My first experience of snow was Chicago -- where shoveling in the rain would never be dreamed of! The joys of living at the edge...

  3. Anonymous9:29 PM

    It's hard to decide what's worse--ice or snow mixed with ice. Lately, we've had both around here.