Friday, February 22, 2008

Stalking the wild rubber band

It's midnight and Fluffy is crawling into my big bag. No tuna in there; what could she possibly want? The oversize rubber band she is now enthusiastically chasing around the 2nd floor. My gratitude knows no bounds. It's not a mouse!!


  1. sounds like the peace arrived through a rubber band. I have been handed a three day weekend. that makes two in a row with a 3 day week in between... now that is a work schedule I can live with!

  2. But did you have to shovel snow in the rain?!

    I hope the day was a delight!!

  3. well, yes I did shovel snow in the rain, then walked (on snow, in rain) to a Thai restaurant. It may have been freezing rain. You may not want tohere this, but I am breaking my fast tonight since my church is having their annual chili cook off. I imagine (and am hopeful) that God will understand.

  4. Since Sundays -- even in Lent -- are celebrations of the Lord's resurrection, they perhaps should be times when we relax the Lenten disciplines? And since Sunday begins with Vespers on Saturday...

    Seriously...enjoy the chili feast!!