Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breakfast and the dishes

I've started writing a regular column about prayer and spirituality for the Catholic Standard and Times - the Philadelphia Roman Catholic archdiocesan newspaper. My first column came out today (read it here)! It's about doing the dishes...and making breakfast.


  1. Nice. as you may guess I am a fan of your blog, but I have craved a chance to read longer meatier (I can say that Lent is over) writing. Thanks, and I look forward to more.

    I love how you find the needs of others in that chore.

  2. Beautiful, Michelle. Thanks for sharing your quotidian mysticism.

  3. Very nice. The breakfast on the beach passage is one of my very favorites and is therefore the one I'm doing my Greek exegesis paper on this term at seminary.

  4. Gannet girl, I'll have to revisit the passage in Greek. I'd love to know what you can fish out of it...

    kb and wayne, thanks for the kind words, and faithful readership.

    wayne, it was nice having company along the meatless way! The next piece is written, an introduction to Ignatian prayer of the imagination...

  5. Hooray, Michelle! And congratulations.