Friday, March 21, 2008


I am covered in hives - and I'm grateful. Why? Because it didn't start until after the Good Friday service tonight. Meanwhile, Crash and the Boy, having used up all their control at church (Crash was an acolyte, so was seriously on best behavior) are now engaged in escalating sibling warfare. I point out this is not a good time to be baiting your brother. (This begs the question, is there a good time? Answer, I think, is when I'm out of earshot.) Math Man has been up since 3:30 am working on a grant, I've been juggling parental, teaching, departmental and liturgical responsibilities all week AND am clearly having an allergic reaction to something.

As I desperately beg for peace yet again, Crash turns to the Boy and remarks, "I think this is making Mom exacerbated." It's definitely not helping...

Why the St. Benedict tag? Patron saint of hives.

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  1. Ow. Ow! (Exacerbating mom, St. Benedict, the whole nine yards...)

    I'm glad you're better. :)