Friday, March 21, 2008

In the breaking of the bread

It's a day of fast today. Despite that, I made 4 loaves of bread (some for dinner, some for friends), applesauce and leek soup - and grocery shopped. It was hard to fast in the midst of all that plenty, particularly when my family wasn't fasting (Math Man is not of the faith and the guys are too young to be bound by the discipline). The Boy shopped with me and popped in and out of the kitchen as I cooked. We talked about how hard it was to be hungry, when there was food around you and people eating. "I feel sorry for you, Mom!" I pointed out it was my choice, but there are people for whom this is not a choice, but a reality of their everyday life.

When we got home from church tonight, before I even changed into my jeans - the Boy appeared with a piece of warm buttered bread, broke it and shared it with me to break my fast. Take this all of you and eat ...


  1. I broke my meatless Lent for a third time. The two intentional lapses just happened to be at my church. Hope the hives clear up and that the bread that showed up in your son's hands was from the loaf you baked earlier in the day.

  2. The hives are gone - which merits an alleluia in anticipation - and the bread was from the afternoon's abundant production.

    Two more loaves (oatmeal) and cinnamon buns are on the afternoon agenda!

    And a turkey tomorrow to celebrate the end of a meatless was good to have a companion on that road, thanks!

  3. Oh, so glad the hives are gone.

    You may be at Vigil right now so may that and the celebration tomorrow be utterly joyous.

  4. "Take and eat": blessed be!