Thursday, March 06, 2008

They did not choose wisely

My brother, the Reverend, is a middle school vice principal. One of his favorite moves scenes is from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the ancient knight guarding the Holy Grail dryly remarks "He chose poorly" as the bad guy writhes on the ground after drinking from the wrong cup. It's all about choices in middle school.

Math Man came home tonight after a meeting. "There's water ice," he said temptingly. "Not anymore," I inform him. "They chose poorly," my spouse intoned. It appears he drove them to the water ice place on the way home from school, then Crash and Barnacle Boy ate it all before he got a taste. Thankfully I was not craving green apple water ice, though I expect there will be a conversation about choices in the morning.


  1. I had to read this twice to figure out what this was about. I am assuming water ice is something to drink????

  2. sweet tea, a local specialty! Coarser than sorbet, more like granita, it's a frozen confection, here known as Italian water ice.

    I prefer the vanilla frozen a cone, not a cup!

  3. It is, very sadly, something one cannot get in Michigan. :(

    Our favorite in the Philly area was Siddiq's, available both on the Temple campus and on Wayne Avenue in Germantown.

    Rita's is a chain, both in PA and throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and probably the best-known purveyor of water ice in the Philly area.

    In other locales, such as New York, "water ice" goes by the name "Italian ice." Try to figure out more about the experience which we can't quite explain.