Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Packing Lightly

They say when you go on vacation to pack, then take out half your clothes and take twice as much money. My corollary for retreat packing is to take out half the books and take twice as many pairs of socks (I always muck up several pairs walking somewhere muddy, weedy, sandy...).

Four books: Seeds of Contemplation by Merton, Spiritual Writings by Albert Delp, breviary and the latest Julia Spencer-Fleming mystery. (The last was recommended by my spiritual director...well, not the book, but the concept of bringing something recreational to read...)

And I took my mug...


  1. I see that although we agree on the mug, we don't on reading spiritual texts... It was once recomended to me to take a bio/autobiography... but I usually barely touch it. The book you passed on has not been touched, as of yet.

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  3. I hope you find peace at your retreat.

  4. Prayers and blessings for your retreat, my friend, as I return from/continue a very different, very blessed one....

  5. Hoping it was a rich retreat.

    The director of my Ignatian program did a 30-day retreat at Gloucester last summer and tormented -- I mean inspired -- us all year with her photos.