Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Humboldt Fog

Barnacle Boy is getting adventuresome when it comes to food. When we were in California this summer, I bought some Humboldt Fog cheese at the local cheese store in town. The Boy spotted it in the 'fridge at my dad's, but thought it was cheesecake (another recent discovery). He asked me for a taste, and I delivered what I thought was the bad news: not cheesecake, but cheese. Ah, but he was still willing to try it.

I had thought this would be a once a year treat, but it turns out our local Italian market carries it from time to time -- and there was some to be had today.

The resemblance to a layer cake is not accidental, but deliberate on the part of the cheese maker. It's a goat/blue cheese/brie experience all rolled into one. And there's nothing left after the Boy, Math Man and I got through with it tonight...

1 comment:

  1. I would have jumped into the feast. Glad your son is getting to try such things and enjoying them. A college professor opened my mind to things such as smoked gouda and blood oranges setting the way for Margaret to take me into the wilds.