Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not in Kansas anymore

I am not in Kansas anymore - that is for certain. The scale reads in kilos, if I press 0 on the phone, a butler will come and iron my clothes, and Google comes up right justified, and in Arabic.

...but my survival Arabic podcast enabled me to understand one word of every onboard announcement: thank you. I can say good morning, too. Much to the amusement of the very young official at Customs.


  1. have you ever been to Kansas? The mosque and rest of your trip appears amazing

  2. I had about ten words of Arabic by the end of my trip. I don't remember now what they all were. I learned shukran early, though. :)

    Let's see. I learned la (no) early, too. I could greet people (marhaba, marhabtain). And I know I learned "please" pretty quickly, too, but couldn't tell you now what that is.

    I could write for much of the evening about the things I loved about Arab culture during my trip, so I will stop now.

  3. I've been to Kansas, that's how I'm sure I'm not there!