Friday, December 19, 2008

Crash crashes

This afternoon I was part of a conference call, on the phone in an office tucked into a corner of an old building. So I wasn't home, or in my own office, or answering my cell phone.

What was Crash doing? Playing ga-ga ball (I and the pediatrician had to be briefed on what that was - she wanted to know the size and mass of the ball, not the rules - which are usefully on Wikipedia!). He's also crashing - with the result that his wrist got bent in an odd direction. When the school nurse couldn't raise either parent, she phoned our back-up contact and sent him home on the bus (given the traffic between the college and the high school and home, I think that was faster than my fetching him in fact!).

The good news is no fracture, just a bad sprain. He's clearly got strong bones (as previous experience suggested).

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  1. I have pondered the selection of the nickname, Crash. But names don't always predict futures...

    Wayne means one who makes wagons.