Monday, December 15, 2008

Wants and Needs

I want chocolate caramels. I have chocolate caramels. Do I need chocolate caramels? Probably not. Can I have chocolate caramels? Not after today's emergency dental visit. I'm glued back together, but a bit sore, so I'm having a bowl of tangy, plain, thick yogurt. All told, it's been a good day (despite the need to see the dentist). Much was accomplished, and the day ended with a delight. I went to my office after the dentist, to see my grad student. In my box was a large padded envelope. I opened it up to find a gorgeous red and silver shawl. I'd admired a similar one on a colleague at a meeting last week, and she'd offered to send me one the next time she went to the market where she got hers. There was joy to balance the day of affliction!


  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Ouch! I had a dentist visit today as well, though (thankfully) a routine one.

  2. Sounds very lovely.

    Michelle, do you really want mail while you are on retreat? I can look up the address and dates on the website, perhaps even without being overcome by envy. I tried to send you an email about it, and also thanking you for your many comments and prayers, but it wouldn't go through, and tonight it seems easier to try this way.

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  4. I too would like to send you a note while you retreat.

    I too have teeth that refuse to be permanent.