Saturday, January 03, 2009

All out of...


Crash and the Boy bought a pad for the 'fridge labeled "All Out Of" and with a list of things you might need. They are taking no chances while I'm gone that they won't be able to find the scrap of paper I usually tack to the cabinet for the shopping list.

I'm typing this at the island in my brother's kitchen, eating a marvelous blueberry scone and drinking my tea. Barnacle Boy is wrapped around my waist. "How are you managing your separation anxiety?" inquires Crash. "You don't love her as much as I do!" slings the Boy back. "I'm just enjoying her presence from afar. Where I'm not restricting her airway..."

Five minutes later they are both wrapped around me. I leave in an hour.

1 comment:

  1. Wow--sounds like they may be more anxious than my little guy was when I went on long retreat....I only did it because Grandma, Grandpa, aunt and uncle were nearby to support him and Dad. Perhaps it's because they understand the concept of a month better than he did at three and a half.

    Copious blessings on your way!