Sunday, April 12, 2009

Psalm 150



  1. Rav Jeremy1:25 PM

    What a great rendition of Psalm 150! Do you know who the composer is or where the score would be available?

  2. I loved it!

    The composer is Andrew Bleckner and you can find where to buy the score here! If you just want to listen and enjoy, it's on iTunes and Amazon...

  3. Thanks! I had forgotten that I asked you via blog and not via e-mail and somehow just remembered to come back for an answer. Listening again, I still think it's an amazing rendition, really capturing the spirit of the Psalm in a modern idiom.

  4. Lovely rendition. Those who enjoy this will likely appreciate the Jewish Gospel Choirs of Sharon can find examples on Utube, just delighted in experiencing her work at the week-long Aleph Kallah, - she travels interntionally to communities offering workshops on this modality, fyi.