Tuesday, May 19, 2009

...and now for a word from our sponsors

My director from the 30-days sent me the link to this YouTube video - part of a presentation he gave recently at Boston College on Ignatian retreats. It's about reading God's "other book" -- creation -- while on retreat. (Full disclosure - a few of the photos are mine.) My favorite one in the set (which is NOT mine) is of the person praying on the snowy rocks.

Loyola Press has just launched a site devoted to Ignatian spirituality: Ignatian Spirituality. It's a good jumping off point for many things Ignatian, though I might wish it had a bit more about what a retreat is like. The blog there, dotmagis, is an ecletic mix of spirituality and living the Ignatian charism in the real world. Read it to find out which U2 song is most Ignatian!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming....


  1. Beautiful youtube.

    Sigh...only 2 papers and 8 weeks of intensive Hebrew stand between me and 8 days at Guelph.

  2. Another off topic, thought of you and the SJs: