Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Writing in a corner

I have three significant writing project on my desk - an essay for Nature Chemistry, my weekly column for the Catholic Standard and Times, and a book that is about half done. My sabbatical is at its midway point - in a little over three months I'll be back in the classroom again -- and I'm beginning to think about my exit strategy.

One of the great joys of this leave has been its contemplative nature -- something that the writing has fed both by virtue of where I am doing it (tucked into the dormer at the corner of my house) and its inherent demand for attention (when writing my full attention is on what I'm doing -- I have missed earthquakes!). How can I sustain something of this contemplative stance in the midst of what will be a busy fall?

I have some thoughts -- what are yours?


  1. PAYG in the mornings.

  2. I think staying in the same corner would probably be nice....and then of course setting aside each day or maybe just each week time for that intense work...please share what ends up working for you...isn't this also like our prayer life? I find that I need, crave time in the chapel to give Him my total attention...it's easy to miss it. Hopefully you have experienced such a fruituful taste that it will leave you craving a return to that same state.

  3. not sure, as I have failed in busy times to stay with prayer. speaking ones desires, as you just did, seems like a good first step.

    also avoid dead squirrels and puns.

  4. oh yes, tea with herbs. I think I am going to experiment some. My list has grown to 31 herbs I have grown in my life as a gardener.