Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Light to read by

It was so quiet I could hear the rustling a pair of deer made as they bounded through the wheat field, fleeing my approach. The field was lit by thousands of fireflies, twenty acres that sparkled as if tiny stars had been sprinkled across the wheat, puddles of cool green light appearing and vanishing in a breath. The wind rustled the trees and fanned the wheat. I spent an hour out there with this one small piece of the world, just looking, just listening, just feeling the breeze on my shoulders, the earth solidly under my feet, going gradually deeper, letting the stillness run through my hands. This is lectio divina - as St. Hugh understood it. There are three books of God to read, says Hugh: nature, experience, and scripture.

On the 30-days, my director urged me one day to spend some time reading what he called "God's other book" by taking a walk in a 'warm' snowstorm. The photo is of the wheat field at the old Jesuit novitiate in Wernersville. The fireflies are magnificent - I took Barnacle Boy, Math Man and Crash back on the 4th to watch them -- and we were treated to fireworks on the horizon as well!

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