Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Role of Mature Females

Overheard on a Shark Week episode playing in my sun room: "She is a mature female, a perfect candidate to carry the transmitter."

The researchers did not expound on why a mature female shark was preferable to a male (mature or not) in this context, but I have some theories. I'm the only one in my family who carries a purse, for a long time it was a large hobo bag. I could be depended on to have tissues, snacks, amusements, a pen and enough space to stash the extra stuff my male outriders did not want to cart around in their pockets - keys, wallets, phones. Ditto on bike expeditions - I have saddle bags, so "could you carry the extra water? jackets? snacks?" If you need something carried on a trip - long or short - you asked the "mature female" in this primate troop.

Post the Exercises I have deliberately downsized my bag, chosing not to have something to cover every contingency along every time I leave the house, as a reminder of how much control I do (or do not) have of my life. It's been a helfpul ongoing meditation - but the men in my life are still trying to readjust to having carry their own stuff.

See this shark's purse anywhere??

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