Friday, August 28, 2009

Grace on sale

"Can I get Jesus points?" wonders my nephew. "Jesus points?" Ah - indulgences. After dinner, I wandered toward the living room, intent on corralling the first teen I encountered into helping cleaning up from dinner. "Scout Boy, would you empty the dishwasher?" "Uh...." "You can get Jesus points." I offered. For that, he'd empty. When he hit his toe on the stove, and moaned, I suggested he offer it up. "Huh?" "Redemptive suffering, you can offer it up for someone else's suffering," I explained. "I get it. Buy one, get one!"

Worse still than Bonhoeffer's cheap grace - BOGO grace?


  1. ROFL!! Kids get it more than we give credit for.

    One of Big Brother's religion teachers (a Sister) used to say that some Catholics only come for the free stuff (ashes, palms) and Big Brother suggested that churches hang up a sign: Free Forgiveness SATURDAY; Free Eucharist SUNDAY.

  2. My parish is doing a survey this weekend about Mass attendace (who is here) to help us think about the parish's future. When my youngest asked why we were thinking about it, he had a suggestion for improving the Mass - skip right to the Eucharist.

    You have to say he does get the main point.