Monday, August 03, 2009

Wait, wait, don't tell me

Crash has a new line (old line: "let's go with that"): "Wait, wait, so you're telling me that when Barnacle Boy does _______, it's OK, but I can't ____________." He deploys it when I make requests along the lines of "Please stop {pick ONE: bickering with your brother, bothering your brother, repeating what I say to your brother..}" This is the newest variation of their Greek chorus.

Now when I hear him start, "Wait, wait" - there is no need to tell me. I know what's coming.

Teen travel tip #176: Pack extra patience and ear plugs.


  1. Wait, wait... don't tell me. It must be mid-way through summer break when siblings find it impossible to get along without constant intervention. Well, that's what is happening at my house anyway.

  2. That's it! Today Crash left at 7 am for his internship; Barnacle Boy slept until 2 pm (!). Reduced overlap does lead to reduced friction, but I'm beginning to feel like this is a 23 hour diner.

  3. I think my mother's also heard that line a lot before.

    -Chorus Leader