Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm just back from a week long program at Smith College on contemplative practices in academe. The gathering was rich in experiences (contemplative jazz and dance meditations), people (from the rising of the sun to the setting - or at least NYC to BC) and ideas (regret and imagination). Relative to a science conference, there were far more words swirling around. My thoughts have been swirling around words lately, too. I wrote a piece for Nature Chemistry on the use of the word "topology" by chemists (as opposed to mathematicians) called Stretching Topology and keep seeing oddities in words everywhere. A swirl or two:

  • Girlsenberrry ice cream (as opposed to boysenberry...)

  • The PDNWOTGIYAGA signs on the fences around the grassy areas. (Please do not walk on the grass if you are going across.)

  • Seen on the back of an Ace bandage box:

Protection levels:

Standard Advanced Premium
Light Support
Moderate Support
Advanced Support

Really? Advanced does not supply advanced support???

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  1. advanced was advanced, but times change. one of our word origins this summer in my English class was TOPOS.. you got me curious.