Saturday, September 12, 2009


The transition back to scheduled life around here has had its good moments (Barnacle Boy deciding on, shopping for and making dinner the first week of classes) and its less than stellar moments (a mom meltdown over the third shopping trip for school supplies that could not wait until the weekend). When I told my merry men to chalk that last up to my being an OWM (overwhelmed working mother), Crash wondered why it wasn't OWWM. "Because overwhelmed is one word." I noted. "Seriously?" said Crash around a forkful of mashed potatoes. "I'm sure."

Overwhelmed is one word. And one that can be applied to parents in general (no matter where they work) at this time of year: OWM or OWD or OWP anyone?

The Boy's math teacher did an exercise on properties of sets where the kids had a list of text message abbreviations and were asked to circle ones they know, ones their parents knew and see what the intersection of the sets were. The result? Unlike the pitched-for-teens ring tone which I can never hear, these I can learn to hear/read. New to my vocabulary: POS = parent over shoulder.


  1. LOL We also did the multiple trips for school supplies. My son in middle school had to have his for the first day of school and the list arrived a week before that. My son in high school didn't get his list until the first day of school and expected to have everything for the next day.

    All of these lists had very specific requirements for specific colors and sizes of binders and notebooks. Ridiculous - five different office supply stores plus Tar-jay AND I hate to shop.

    I feel your pain.

  2. That one, I knew (in part as my son typed it once as I looked over his shoulder).

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I remember going with an old college roommate to visit his daughter in her college dorm room. One of her roommates was on the phone and was heard to say, "I can't talk now, there are some grownups here." Dennis and I both burst out laughing...