Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seen and unseen

On Thursday afternoon, I'm giving a talk online. (The details are here.) It's a reprise of a talk I gave this summer on what a contemplative approach to teaching in the sciences might look like if it draws from the richness of the Western monastic tradition. How do poverty and obedience play out in the classroom? Can you do lectio divina with a graph of a wavefunction?

The experience itself is developing a monastic tone, too. I will have an audience, but we will not be able to see each other. The modern equivalent of the monastic grille?

A grille separates the nuns' chapel from the public area of the church at the Convent of St. Clare, Talpiot, Jerusalem. Photo by Rahel Jaskow.


  1. That looks like an incredible series of events.

  2. hope it goes well. sometimes I ask the students to do nothing more than write about what ever jumps out at them the most when they read an article on science. usually much more interesting than summaries

  3. This absolutely (indeed!) fascinating.

    (How I know I was born in the 21st century--it also feels like "going back" in time as my earlier education was in a large part shaped by webinars and proto-webinars. It was progress to move to having a "real life" teacher, classmates, etc.).