Friday, January 08, 2010

Liturgical Garb

Liturgically Correct Shoes kedsshoe
On the way to Mass this afternoon, Crash announced a first -- he tied his own tie. Woot! I asked which one he selected. "The blue and red stripe. I thought the pink might not be quite right for Christmas season. So, when do you wear pink liturgically?" "Infrequently!" (Twice a year to be precise.) I couldn't resist telling him about these liturgically correct sneakers -- designed by the Ironic Catholic. The laces are pink, of course!

Meanwhile, check out the new Pray Tell blog by St. John's. logoi contributes - her first post is takes up what principles you might apply to make liturgy engaging for the youngest members of the assembly or, what's not quite right with the Santa vigil!

Liturgically Correct Shoes by IronicCatholic


  1. I didn't want to disrupt the academic discussion at PrayTell. You said that you'd be attending Mass in a setting that combines tradition (asperges, Latin, etc.) with a sensitivity to inclusive language and altar girls. If you don't mind me asking, where is this?

    I'm a lurker around these parts and a student of Prof. Belcher.

    Peace to you!