Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I begin to understand why a "chapter of faults" might be a good thing -- or for those of us who are not monastics, a form that I could post on my door, or hand out.

There are some faults that require more than the internal forums of the examen or the confessional, but need to be more publically confessed. I said something in class on Monday that I regret -- would that there were a chapter of faults that could help me figure out what might be the best remedy....


  1. That form is pretty wonderful.

    Maybe I could just check off every box for what I did last week.

  2. Oh, hon. Such a trick....One the one hand I completely believe the principle in the traditional confessional manuals that says a public offense calls for a public apology. One the other hand there is Augustine's point in the Rule that superiors can jeopardize their authority by apologizing to those they lead (he says you never have to and should just repent in prayer, which I think goes too far--especially because it can be edifying and help build credibility in the right situation. But I have learned to discern carefully in such situations).

    I will pray for you and if you feel like a consult/second opinion on possible solutions shoot me a private message. I have been told that I am extremely good at apologizing (my response, sad to say, was that I get a lot of practice!)

  3. stopped in my tracks to apologize to a student on Monday... when I was young and foolish I would have been to unaware of how one gets "control" over a situation.

    hey... you going to the NSTA conference or is it not for college folk????