Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ghost Stories

Law and Gospel is reflecting on a silent retreat at the old Jesuit novitiate -- now the Jesuit Center -- in Wernersville that I haunt with some regularity. Her black and white photos of places I know well shrouded in show are beautiful and haunting.

When I was up in December for a night of silence, and an appointment the following day with Patient Spiritual Director, I wandered down to this alcove on the third floor to stand in the bay windows and watch the moon rise. Usually I go sit in the eastern cloisters and do this, even in very cold weather, but they were buried under too much snow! The house was nearly empty - just a few odd retreatants like myself rattling around. I heard someone walk down the hall behind me, but assumed it was someone headed off for a late evening meeting with a director, and enjoyed the deep stillness.

I finished my tea, enjoying the moon on the snow, then turned to go back to my room. As I stepped out from the darkened alcove, a young man coming down the hall clutching a pillow started and let out a yelp. "I thought you were a ghost," he gulped. "No ghosts," I said. And for the moment, that was true.


  1. What about the Holy Ghost?

  2. It is great to hear of others' experiences there- it is a beautiful and haunting place in the winter, but very compelling.

  3. Touche,kb!

    Law+Gospel, it's fascinating to see how different people experience the same places! May your journey be graced...

  4. I'm Googling this! Beautiful photos!! And thanks (I think) for yet another blog to follow!