Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hot topics

So...Saturday night Crash, I and his girlfriend were in the kitchen talking about chocolate and the amount of radiation it contains (it's a good potassium source, and hence a significant source of radiation exposure from potassium-40 -- enough to set off radiation detectors!) I pointed out that they, too, were radioactive, and curling up with the cat on the living room couch to watch a movie had exposed them to yet more radiation. Sleeping with another human, it turns out, adds to your risk. Crash snaps back with, "another good reason to be celibate!" After we all got through laughing on the floor (celibacy is perhaps not a topic frequently discussed with your girlfriend when you are on the verge of 16), it was generally agreed that this conversation would blog. But on whose? It had to be on Crash's...why, you ask?

As it turns out, Crash is an Ignatianphile (probably not a surprise living with me as he does). He's been reading Fr. James Martin SJ's The Jesuit Guide to (almost) Everything. The first installment of his review of the book looks at Fr. Martin's take on chastity. The follow-up post? Argument for Celibacy #245...with the kicker: "So if you don't want cancer, join the Jesuits!"



  1. I am thinking I give off as much radiation as I take in... reason #452 not to be celibate ;')

  2. Oh Mom! You are both pretty awesome!