Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lost and Found

I've lost 2 pairs of prescription reading glasses in the last two months. One vanished after a day spent in a library working on an article. Somehow they didn't end up back in my briefcase -- which makes me wonder if I left them on a shelf somewhere. Will they moulder there until someone else wanders through the same spot in the stacks? And just how long might that be? I've been in some dusty corners lately.

The second pair vanished last night, seemingly into thin air. They were in my bag when we left for a student event, never used, but gone when I got home. I opened my bag but once, to check my cell phone at intermission, at which point the lenses clearly made their escape. The first lost pair was as old as Crash, and held together by prayer alone (the bailing wire having given way long ago), I didn't mourn their loss much. This funky pair, a one of a kind pair handmade in Germany, I adore. And more to the point, with almost 100 papers to grade this week, reading glasses are a necessity, not an accessory. So , I spent much of the day struggling for detachment and trying not to worry about what I would do if they did not surface (besides stock up on Advil for the inevitable headaches that would follow).

Thank heavens for Barnacle Boy, Math Man and the college patrol officer, who searched the balcony of the theater this afternoon and glasses. Si quaeris miracula....


  1. Glad they're back!

  2. Those are really cool glasses, if those are the one in the photo!
    And, like Robin said, glad they are back!

  3. Those are the real thing, on the window sill at my usual retreat spot!

  4. Metaphors all over the place here, Michelle!

    I have a favorite pair of glasses also handmade in Germany ... I bought them for myself on my 40th birthday.

    I'm so glad they are found!

  5. What makes the German glasses special?

  6. Cathy, They're made by a guy in Germany, who works when he wishes, and as he wishes. The little optical shop in Bryn Mawr carries some of his frames, many are one of a kind. He'll make what you want as well (if you see one of his styles you like, but want a different color), but you have to be willing to wait until the muse strikes, which could be 6 mos to a year!

    When I can find them (and afford them) things made by hand, by someone I know something about (or better yet, have met) are my preference!

  7. Cool, Cindy! Photos?? We can pose our glasses in various spots this summer :)

  8. Yes, well, I got up from the table and went to find those glasses to take a picture .... and I can't find them!

    (there's a metaphor in there somewhere I'm sure!)

    All my cool frames fell into disuse when I got Lasik surgery a few (8) years ago!

    I need to hunt them down!