Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seven Pages of Solitude

[Michelle is on retreat, but thanks to Blogger's scheduled post feature, is still inhabiting this virtual space.]

I want only seven days, seven
on which no one has ever written —
seven pages of solitude.

Rainer Maria Rilke

"I've no agenda in mind for this retreat," I confess to Patient Spiritual Director. Not that I feel I really need one. I want pages on which nothing has yet been written. A space to rest, renew and be renewed. I have no idea who my director will be — my director from the 30-day retreat has a new assignment — and no worries about it.

But I do wish there were something written on those pages about the weather. So I would know what to pack. Do I need sweaters and turtlenecks, or clothes for hot and humid days? The National Weather Service has been no help in the lead up to my departure, either. First it will be rainy. No, clear. In the 80s a few days. No, wait, it'll be California weather, dry and in the 70s. Oh, sorry, now the model says it will be chilly on the weekend.....

In the end I've thrown in a random assortment of clothing items. Layers. I can wear layers. And a raincoat, despite the current assertions that it will be a dry week.

But it has me wondering what the Spirit has on her agenda for the week? Whatever it may be, I get the message strong and clear. Check certainty at the door.


  1. weather is a great place to search for certainty. Hope the weather is happening where you are too.

  2. Wayne, as predicted, there was weather, but it was never as predicted!