Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fiery Furnaces

(Cross posted from RevGalBlogPals - Crash Kid's choir did this piece this year....and somehow on this hot, fiery, humid Sunday it seemed a good piece to choose for the Sunday Afternoon Music Video feature!)

Repentant, weeping, anointed and anointing, we are delivered from the lion's den, untouched by the fiery furnace. I love the looks on the faces of chorus and director. There is a deeply rooted joy amid their fierce concentration. I wonder if this is how the woman with the alabaster jar looked?! And it's an amazing piece of music, too.

May you know joy today,
may it sink deeply into your soul,
and may it rise higher than these sopranos' voices!


  1. Thanks so much for a few moments of a musical reminder of the power and grace of God. What a blessing.

    Penni Jo

  2. a wonderful blessing