Sunday, October 17, 2010


It comes from the Greek - περιπατητικός (peripatêtikos) and generally has the sense of walking about. I'm spending a part of October wandering about and teaching (mostly). My peripatetic month began by going to Wernersville to see Patient Spiritual Director and meet-up with Robin and Stratoz, then a day later heading off to Princeton - not the University, but the mothership of testing, ETS. Yes, I spent fours days at the home of the PSAT (which Crash and Barnacle Boy took Saturday) and the GRE (my raison d'travel - the GRE subject test in Chemistry)*. Now I'm in Virginia, as a "scholar in residence" doing workshops on contemplative practices and teaching. What does a contemplative stance look like in the classroom? For the teacher? For the student?

I did a workshop on Saturday with a colleague here (a psychologist) on writing memoir. Since we took turns leading, it meant that I enjoyed a bit of contemplative writing space as well. The feedback on the workshop was positive, I'd not done anything quite like this before; it was a lovely group, still and lively by turns!

There are more travels to come, I'm not back home longer than it takes to unpack and repack until the calendar flips to November.

*Urban spiritual director (who filled in for Patient SD while he was on sabbatical and I suppose now really needs a new blog name) noted that he'd never thought about it, but someone must write the questions for these things. Photo is of a statue of St. Ignatius, the Pilgrim (source? unknown...)

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  1. At first I thought you'd borrowed that photo from me. There's one in the garden of the Jesuit Center at Guelph -- here, several entries:
    But now that I think of it, I think maybe it's a copy. Or maybe not. Well, someone will know.