Friday, December 10, 2010

Epic Fail: Podcast version

I started experimenting with podcasting last week - trying to feel out the difference between writing to be read and writing to be heard. My hope was to post something long (3 to 4 minutes) each weekend, with a shorter (1 to 2 minute) piece midweek. I put two longer pieces up last weekend, submitted the feed to iTunes, saw it was accepted, and so last night went on to post a 2 minute piece.

Using a post from a year ago, a series of sketches from a night at Wernersville, I wrote a short reflection, recorded it, and posted it. At least I thought I posted it. If you listened to it, what you heard was just over a minute of what sounds like heavy breathing (well, hopefully you didn't listen much longer than the 10 awful seconds it took me to figure this out.) Argh.

I've fixed it on the feed, pinged iTunes so they will up the change sooner rather than later. I have more than 200 subscribers to this podcast. I'm hoping at least some of them come back after the epic fail. (Perhaps it's a good thing I've made an appointment for shriving on Monday!)

Lesson learned? Do not post podcasts after midnight. Ever.

The new version - in case you still want to listen....


  1. Well I missed the fail but I heard something very beautiful just now. That was beautiful. Thank you Michelle.

    That's the Advent journey isn't it? We might fall and stumble, but then comes the joy of this third week.

    Thank you.

  2. Fran, thank you for the kind comment and most of all for the wisdom! And of course, I will certainly muck up again (and again and again - I think I sense a pattern...) but hope is such an unreasonable thing. So is joy. Gaudete!

  3. Very beautiful! You really have a way of capturing little moments in incredibly vivid detail. I could picture myself there with you. Thanks for the moment of "virtual" silence as I sat with you on that bench.

  4. That was beautiful, but I do take exception to the characterization of the expectations of the denziens of W-ville as staid. I think we go there with quite wild and far-reaching expectations!

  5. Point taken, Robin! But no matter how wild the expectations, or chaotic the holy gets, I've never seen anyone dance down the aisle of that chapel...though I took advantage of the empty place last night and sat on the marble at the very front.

  6. Oh, I love that image, of you sitting on the marble down front.

    I suppose the heating's on now? When we got there it was the first cold spell of the fall and the boiler was just cranking itself into action. The first night I wet down to the chapel for a nice long time, I huddled there wrapped in a blanket.

  7. The heat is on, and thank heavens, since with the wind chill it was 4 degrees last night! I remember that night, I remember sleeping in my sweatshirt!

    Full disclosure, I did have a shawl over my sweater - that space is never truly warm in the winter (I've been in it when it was packed to the gills for a funeral in February and still it was chilly...)